All expectant mothers experience daunting physical changes to their spine and pelvis during pregnancy, as the baby bump grows. Whether a natural birth or C-section surgical delivery, it is imperative for baby and mum’s own well-being and more crucially, the birthing process that her pelvis and spine are kept as pain free as possible for the full term of the pregnancy – especially the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

What happens naturally, is that her centre of gravity begins to creep forward, as baby grows inside. This has a detrimental effect on her posture causing pelvic and lower back pain in most mums to be.  To be clear – the entire spine and pelvis becomes compromised and can ache anywhere.

To assist mum and baby, we provide relief for mum by realigning the pelvis and spine on a regular basis. This positions the mother’s body (especially the pelvic rim) into an optimal aligned state to be ready for an easier and more comfortable birth.

To keep ‘mums to be’ as comfortable as possible during therapy, we provide a pregnancy pillow that is adjustable for all sizes of baby bumps. Having trained with paediatric chiropractors in New Zealand, we know how to look after our expectant mothers.

Why wouldn’t you want the best for you and your baby?

If you would like to enquire, the practice manager Amie, can give you first hand experience from her own pregnancies with chiropractic care.

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