Newborn and Infants

Newborns and Infants

All births, long or short, natural, or caesarean, place intense pressure on your baby’s cranial and spinal bones and the nervous system. Even the baby’s prolonged position (eg. breach) in the womb can have a detrimental effect on your spinal alignment.

Our infant specific chiropractic care focuses on correcting obstetric brachial plexus injuries (OBP’s) that happen during the delivery of your little one.

These injuries can result in unusual/excessive crying, colic, and erratic sleeping habits. Most notable is the newborn’s inability to turn its head to one side – always favouring one direction or unable to turn or look to where you are, when you are seeking baby’s attention. If your baby never sleeps for more than an hour at a time, then it’s best to have her or his spine checked, asap. (New parents deserve sleep too!)

To correct these upper cervical spinal injuries, Dr. Rich will simply apply a gentle pressure – touch and hold (the same amount of pressure used when placing contact lenses into your eye) to correct these areas of misaligned injury. Several touch and hold contacts over 15 minutes are usually required for either 1-3 therapy sessions (on average).

A baby’s spine is very supple during the first few years of life so only a slight pressure to a vertebrae is necessary to make spinal corrections.  Completely painless and will not hurt your child. You can be assured, safety and a relaxed environment is guaranteed at ACH.

Finding Harmony

If your baby has difficulty sleeping through or unsettled crying due to Colic, Reflux or food allergies, or you are unsure what the issue is, we highly recommend contacting the team at ‘Finding Harmony’, a registered non-profit organisation (CIO) we work with. Finding Harmony works with a wide selection of professionals that can help you and your little one.

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